Blue Chills French Montana

Blue Chills Lyrics – French Montana

SingerFrench Montana
ComposerHarry Fraud
MusicFrench Montana & Harry Fraud Blue Chills
Song WriterFrench Montana


Ain’t you heard that I’m in trouble?

And I’ve been lookin’ for you all my life

When they see me, they start runnin’

‘Cause trouble’s comin’ for you, day and night

You can blame it on the stars

You can tell it to the moon

Baby, I wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel so good

You can try and escape me, but I came for you

(La musica de Harry Fraud)

Wave boys back at it, gotta flood the streets (uh)

Had to pass, Drake and Puff back after that little beef (woo)

(Damn, Montana), haan

(Why, you ain’t spittin’ like the old Montana?)

Give a fuck about them diamond plaques

Yeah, the streets want you back

Yeah, say less, I been depressed they took Chinx (yes)

And my dawg Max, all-black (woo)

Gigging off for thirty, I just want the rep

Baby mama trippin’, she just want the check

The greatest threat is always from the inside

Yessir, they put staples in my head, bitch, they been tried

Killers wanna bag me or come see me in that dayroom (ah, baby, I wouldn’t be so bad)

Shorty wanna rag me and throw me up on Shade Room (ah, if it didn’t feel so good)

Shorty wanna brag, baby, stay tuned (aha)

They just freed my dawg, been outside the fence (when they see me)

Told him “Keep the crown in your heart, not your head” (they start runnin’)

30s can’t seal the pain, money can’t shill the rain (’cause trouble’s comin’ for you)

When they come for you, eyes wide, tweakin’ is insane

Never forcing nothin’

I’m lettin’ life unfold and I’ll be the last thing you see

Like that gunhole, trappin’ outta Marilyn with Monroe

And if your enemy ain’t talkin’ good about you

You ain’t workin’ hard enough (no), headshots in coroners

Barricades and accolades, enjoyment of delusion

When you come down off your high, is you winnin’ or you losin’? (Aha)

The version of me in your mind is not my responsibility

Shorty whole body fake, tryna see the realer me (ah)

The Apex of pain is what success is (aha)

Could switch you but it’s always goin’ back to the essence

Me and Durk still brothers, I ain’t do it for the money

Rest in peace D’Thang, Chinx, hundred miles runnin’

I be trippin’ in the finest, I’m with Doja in Bahamas

My jeweller blinded me with diamonds, used to be the cop sirens

My brother got deported, gotta meet him out in Dubai

My homie guilty for a body, but I know it’s two sides (two sides, Montana)

When they see me, they start runnin’

(I don’t give a fuck what you call your shit), ’cause trouble’s comin’ for you, day and night

(Dog shit, whatever you want, just don’t call it “Blue Magic)

You can blame it on the…

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